Beginner or Pro, we have something for everyone. Held every second Wednesday after work, at Freyberg Beach on Oriental Parade. Race your heart out, or just toe the line and have some fun. We promise you quality, safety, and a smile on your face. And you’ll be home in time for tea.


Race One 28th November 2018
Race Two 12th December 2018
Race Three 9th January 2019
Race Four 30th January 2019 (from 23rd)
Race Five 6th February 2019
Race Six 20th February 2019
Race Seven 6th March 2019
Race Eight 20th March 2019


5.00pm Registration Opens
6.00pm Registration Closes
6.05pm Race Briefing
6.10pm Novice & Kids 2K Start
6.15pm Mens Start
6.16pm Womens Start
6.20pm 400m Start (mens and womens)

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How far

Swim Run

Race One 150m, 400m or 730m Swim, 3km Run
Race Two 150m, 400m or 730m Swim, 4km Run
Race Three 150m, 400m, 730m, or 1300m Swim, 4km Run
Race Four 150m, 400m, 730m or 1300m Swim, 5km Run
Race Five 150m, 400m, 730m, or 1300m Swim, 3km Run
Race Six 150m, 400m, 730m or 1300m Swim, 4km Run
Race Seven 150m, 400m or 730m Swim, 5km Run
Race Eight 150m, 400m or 730m Swim, 3km Run

Only the swim distance in bold counts for points in the Series Champion Race.

Open Water Swim

Every night 150m, 400m, 730m, 1300m, 2000m and 2500m (for events 3 & 5) options are available. The Longest distance each night counts toward series points. You must be able to complete a 2000m swim within 45 minutes to enter that event.

Course Maps

Do you want to really challenge yourself in 2018?

For events 3 and 5 we are introducing a longer openwater swim event called the Pt. Jerningham swim. This will be a 2.5km out and back open water swim course (There will be no 2km swim course option on those nights)
Cost will be $35

You can choose your swim distance on the night, and even change during your event. And you can choose a half distance run. The 2000m swim is not available as a Swim Run option. Only the bold swim distance counts for points in the Series Champion Race.


The splashanddash starts and finishes on Freyberg Beach, on Oriental Parade, adjacent to Freyberg Pool. You can park in the Freyberg Pool carpark for $1.50 per hour, or on Oriental Parade.

Keep in mind Oriental Parade can get pretty busy on fine days in the middle of summer, and it may be easier and quicker to walk from town if you already have a car parked in there.

How much

You can enter on the night (cash only or a pretty solid IOU) or you can enter online. Online entries are available until 12pm on the day of the event. Discounts on entry are available (up to a free season entry) if accompanied by the purchase of a 2XU wetsuit from us. Contact us for further information.

Entry on the night is cash only and we do NOT have EFTPOS / CC facilities.

Entry Fees

Series Entry
(best value – $61 discount)
Adult entry $20
Pt. Jeringham Swims
(events 3 & 5)
Kids 2k gold coin
Student under 18 $10
Maximum cost for family $45

Other useful items

Wetsuit Hire
(available on site only)
Skull caps (neoprene cap worn under swim
cap for wellington conditions available on site)
(available on site and online)
Body Glide
(available on site and online)

Free entry with purchase of a wetsuit!

Wetsuit Rental

2XU wetsuits

If you purchase a suit before race 2 you automatically get a free series entry!

Hire costs are $25 per night and longer hire periods are available upon enquiry. Any hire costs are deducted from cost of suit if you subsequently decide to purchase a suit. Here’s a little blurb about why you’d want a wetsuit:

  • gives you more confidence as you are more buoyant
  • you are faster as your body position is automatically better
  • it keeps you warm so you can be more comfortable and swim for longer if you wish
  • makes open water swimming fun! Who knows, you may go on to do more events.

read more

Ocean Swim Clinic with Evelyn Williamson

Former NZ International Triathlete and Olympian, Evelyn Williamson will share her experience with you in a friendly format. Evelyn will offer you advice on many aspects of your training and racing, of if you are a beginner, she will offer you a starting point on how to maximise your enjoyment of the Ocean Swim Series and how to swim efficiently and effectively over long distances.

  • Navigational skills including: sighting, maintaining a straight line, dealing with currents, rounding buoys
  • Race starts and finishes
  • Swimming in a pack amongst the chaos and remaining calm
  • Specific course pointers for the Capital Classic ocean swim event
  • and much more!


Sunday 13th January 2019


9 am


Earlybird price = $20 / Regular price = $25

Link to enter

contact us

You can contact us via our email or on the following number.

MOBILE021 847 088

More information

Prize giving

Prizegiving is quick and well organised and worth sticking around for. We draw quality sponsor product as spot prizes at each event. You must be present to receive your prize. Prize giving will begin as soon as the last competitor finishes.

Kids (under 13 years old)

The minimum age for participation in any swimming activity at this event is 13 Years old today

Exemption to the Under 13 Rule

We understand that there are plenty of kids less than 13 years of age who can comfortably swim any of the distances offered at the splashanddash, and if this is your child, we are happy to have them in our event. But before we allow them in our event you need to satisfy us that they are capable of participating in the distance they want to swim. You can show us this in one of two ways:

  • Provide a set of results, in printed form, showing that they have competed in a recognized open water swimming event, of a distance not substantially different to the distance they intend to swim at the splashanddash.
  • Provide evidence that the child is a regularly participating member of an organized swimming squad. In order to provide this evidence we ask that you have the child’s Coach complete the downloadable form found here.
NB – We are not asking the Coach to vouch for the child’s ability to participate in our event, but only to verify what the child does at squad. On that evidence we will determine whether they can participate in our event or not.

Series Points

  • Series points are awarded in 10 year age groups on results of your best 7 swims (u/20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+).
  • Your age group is determined by the age you will be on Christmas day 2017.
  • Series points will be awarded for the longest distance available in each event each evening.
  • Points are awarded for either Open water swim or Swim/Run. It’s not possible to mix points.
  • The secondary schools points competition run on a separate schedule.
  • On nights the 2500m Pt Jerningham swim is available series entrants will automatically be able to opt for the longer 2500m swim and are not subject to the additional fee charged for this distance. Individual entries for the Pt Jerningham swim are $35.
  • Series Entries are limited to 100 people across all events/categories.

Kids 2 K

If you have young kids who just want to get involved, or aren't ready or keen on swimming, the Kids2K is the event for them. They start when the Novice events start, and run 1 Lap of whatever distance is offered that night. That means they will run 1.5km, 2km, or 2.5km. They will be running on Oriental Parade and will need to be able to recognise the run turnaround, as we do not have a Marshal at that location.

Entry is a gold coin donation. Your kid will be chip timed, be eligible for spot prizes, and will be made to feel part of the event.


We take your safety and the reputation of the event very seriously. Rescue Craft are on the water at all times and medical equipment and expertise is available at the event HQ. For your safety and the safety of others involved in the event you are required to follow the instructions of the event staff at all times.

Cancellations, refunds, and entry transfers

Once an entry has been accepted we will not refund that entry. Entries cannot be transferred to another person. Series Entries will not be part refunded due to event cancellations or inability to attend events. In inclement weather conditions we reserve the right to modify the swim course and/or distances to ensure the safety of participants. If an event is cancelled entries will be credited to a later event. Entries will not be transferred to another season. If the last event of the season is cancelled the entry is forfeited. Series Entries will not be part refunded due to event cancellations. The decision to modify a course or cancel an event is made by our Safety Team and that decision is final.

note: For guidance, cancellations occur approximately once every three seasons. Course modifications happen about once a season.

Further Terms and Conditions

  • On this site we are promoting and taking entries for the splashanddash, a swimming and running based recreational sports event in Wellington, New Zealand. The events are held on the dates listed at the top of this page.You can buy a single race entry or an entry into all events of the current season.
  • You will receive an email confirming your race entry. You do not need to present this on race day, we will have a record of your online registration in our registration system.
  • Your privacy is important to us. Your personal details will not be shared with any other organisation or individual. You may receive emails from us that relate to our events, and they may include promotions of our sponsors products. You will be able to unsubscribe from these emails.
  • Prices are in New Zealand dollars.
  • You may not enter the splashanddash online if you are under 13 years age.
  • There are no surcharges for entering the event with a credit card.